The Papers: 'Brexit deal will cost Tories power' warn MPs

Image caption "Get serious" about Brexit negotiations, says Theresa May to the EU, according to the Sunday Times. Although Boris Johnson is dismissive of her plans, the paper reports.
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph's report claims MPs have warned Mrs May that her Brexit proposal will lose the Conservatives the next election.
Image caption There is pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to get behind the Prime Minister's Brexit plans, according to the Scottish Sunday Express. The paper claims a "no-deal" situation could be on the cards if the Scottish leader does not get on board.
Image caption The Sunday Herald leads with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declaring "it's game on" for campaigners seeking to keep Britain in the EU single market and customs union.
Image caption The Sunday Mail leads with Donald Trump's visit to Scotland, saying that Scots have been urged to make the protest against this week's Donald Trump visit the biggest the country has ever seen.
Image caption Scotland on Sunday leads with an investigation into mental health services for young people. The paper claims young lives are being ruined and families destroyed as the pleas of desperate parents for mental health treatment are rejected.
Image caption A report on children as young as 13 buying cocaine online makes the front of the Scottish Daily Mail. The paper says children are becoming addicted to the Class A drug as its price drops.
Image caption The Scottish Sun carries an exclusive about the death of expat Gary Ferguson. His brother tells the paper he begged Myanmar prosecutors to release crime files on Scot Harris Binotti who is suspected of killing Mr Ferguson, so he can be tried in Scotland.
Image caption The Sunday Post carries a story of a family "betrayed" by a "conman" son-in-law who allegedly took £60,000 from them.

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