The papers: Trump wades into Brexit row

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The Daily Record's striking front page carries an unambiguous message for the US president, who is due to arrive in Scotland on Friday evening. Inside, the paper reports that protests are planned in Glasgow, Dundee and Dumfries but Donald Trump shrugged them off, telling reporters: "It's fine. A lot of people like me there."
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The Scottish Daily Mail says Donald Trump has thrown a "grenade" into the Brexit row after warning Theresa May that her "soft" Brexit plan would "kill the deal" between the US and the UK on trade. Reporting on an interview the US president did with The Sun, it says he claimed to have offered advice but the prime minister ignored him and did the "opposite".
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Mr Trump flew into a "diplomatic storm of his own making" as he arrived in the UK on Thursday, according to the i newspaper. It says the US president cast doubts on Mrs May's Brexit policy in comments made at the conclusion of the Nato summit in Brussels.
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The Scotsman says the SNP's depute leader, Keith Brown, will join up to 10,000 people expected to take part in anti-Trump demonstrations in Scotland this weekend. Mr Brown is expected to make a "hard-hitting" speech in Glasgow's George Square in which he will say "Scotland stands united...against Donald Trump".
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The Scotland edition of the Daily Telegraph focuses on Donald Trump's comments on Brexit at the end of the Nato summit. He suggested Theresa May was not delivering the Brexit that people voted for and that the prime minister was taking "little bit of a different route".
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His remarks dismayed Number 10, according to the front page of The Times Scotland, but they were "cheered" by pro-Leave MPs. The paper says they are now threatening to vote with the opposition to defeat the government on the trade bill necessary for Mrs May to carry out her Brexit plan.
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The Scottish Daily Express claims that Conservative MPs are in "open revolt" after the full details of Mrs May's Brexit plan were outlined in a white paper on Thursday. The newspaper reports that the proposals would leave a "swathe of Brussels regulations in place". It quotes leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg saying: "It's not something I could vote for."
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Tory rebels have denounced Theresa May's Brexit plan as a "total sellout", according to The Herald. They claim Britain will retain freedom of movement for EU workers "by another name", under the proposals outlined in the White Paper. The UK government insists freedom of movement will end but new rules will allow visa-free travel for tourists and temporary work by EU citizens.
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The National says there was "chaos" in the House of Commons when the government unveiled its White Paper. Speaker John Bercow had to suspend proceedings during the statement by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, as MPs had not been able to see the document beforehand. Labour's Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said it was an "utter shambles".
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The Courier reports on criticism of the Education Secretary John Swinney over a six-week delay in locking down access to a school social networking tool, after he was warned that pornographic material was circulating on it.
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The Press and Journal reports on a "bright future" for the north-east of Scotland, following a series of major infrastructure projects, including developments at the ports in Fraserburgh and Peterhead and the proposed expansion at Thainstone Mart.

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