Scotland's papers: Energy 'price hike' and brothers' deaths

Image copyright Daily Mail
Image caption The Daily Mail leads with Scottish Gas increasing its energy tariffs for the second time in a matter of months. The paper claims the move will add more than £100 to the typical annual bill.
Image copyright Daily Express
Image caption The Daily Express focuses on the same story, but with the alarming claim from a pensioners' group that the 3.8% price rise "will trigger a rise in winter deaths".
Image copyright The Sun
Image caption The Scottish Sun leads with the deaths of two brothers who were found just minutes apart in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire. It says police are investigating a possible drugs link following the discovery of the men's bodies at separate family homes.
Image copyright The Herald
Image caption The Herald says a record number of teachers are being investigated "for providing improper levels of coaching" to help pupils pass exams. It quotes Scotland's chief examiner saying there is evidence of a "growing number of cases" during 2017/18 tests.
Image copyright Daily Record
Image caption The Daily Record says the Home Office has blocked an application by a woman to fly to Scotland from her family home in Germany to visit her dying husband. The woman, who has a Peruvian passport, says she will not be able to comfort their son or say goodbye to her husband after he suffered kidney failure during a trip to family wedding in Ayr.
Image copyright The Scotsman
Image caption The Scotsman says there are concerns about new laws brought in to tackle so-called up-skirting. It focuses on claims that loopholes in the legislation led to less than three convictions a year since they came into force with "limitations" for Scotland.
Image copyright The National
Image caption The National has an interview with former first minister Henry McLeish in which he says European human rights laws may boost the case for self-determination in Scotland and Catalonia.
Image copyright The Times
Image caption The Times leads with the United States being set to impose sanctions on Russia after concluding that it was responsible for the Salisbury nerve agent attack. It also says Scotland's classrooms "suffered a massive desertion" during the final week of the school term as parents took them out for earlier and cheaper summer holidays.
Image copyright Daily Telegraph
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has insisted Muslim women who wear burkas should be treated in the same way as Christians who wear a crucifix. Ms Davidson was speaking after former foreign secretary Boris Johnson sparked a row with his comments about face veils.
Image copyright The i
Image caption The i also focuses on the Boris Johnson row, saying the prospect of the former foreign secretary becoming prime minister could spark a Tory "civil war" with senior Conservatives warning they would quit the party.
Image copyright Daily Star
Image caption The Daily Star says two Coronation Street stars are being "bombarded" with messages from a stalker asking for personal items and pictures.
Image copyright The Courier
Image caption The Courier's Dundee edition says the city is enjoying a "tourism boom" with a record number of people visiting even before the V&A museum is opened.
Image copyright Press and Journal
Image caption The Press and Journal's Inverness and Highlands edition reports on protesters failing to block controversial plans for more than 100 homes in Nairn. The paper tells how angry residents gathered to lobby councillors as they visited the site at Kingsteps, Lochloy.

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