Ruth Davidson: Pregnancy is 'joyous and hopeful'

Image source, Getty Images

Ruth Davidson has described her pregnancy as "joyous, mortifying, fearful and hopeful".

In extracts from her new book, published in the Sunday Times, she said they were currently referring to their unborn baby as Fionnuala.

She also talked about preparing for IVF treatment while travelling to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Ms Davidson said she had faced a range of emotions and "interesting situations" before and during pregnancy, describing the experience so far as "invasive, joyous, mortifying, fearful and hopeful".

In an extract in the newspaper, she said: "There is a special feeling of wanting the earth to swallow you whole when you are led in a hospital gown to the room where an internal examination is going to take place by a nurse who decides to strike up conversation with 'I saw you on the telly last night, talking about the NHS'.

"There is also a particular challenge in trying to discreetly sort out the various appointments and treatments, while keeping up the pace of political leadership, so no-one suspects anything's going on."

The baby is due next month and Ms Davidson has previously said she would be taking some time off for maternity leave.

But she said she expects to return to the Scottish Parliament in the spring of next year.

The party's deputy leader, Jackson Carlaw, will stand in for Ms Davidson during her maternity leave.