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The papers: Final countdown to Brexit

image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald leads with the results of a poll which reveals that people in Scotland are more concerned about Brexit than those living in the rest of the UK. With 200 days to go until the UK leaves the European Union, the paper reports that care of the elderly were among Scots' post-Brexit concerns.
image copyrightThe Scotsman
image captionThe Scotsman reports that fears over the impact of Brexit on policing, jobs and the economy in Scotland are growing "increasingly urgent".
image copyrightScottish Daily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail leads with the turmoil in the Conservative party, following Boris Johnson's strongly-worded criticism of Theresa May's Brexit strategy. It reports that at least 12 MPs are ready to quit the party in a bid to stop Mr Johnson becoming prime minister.
image copyrightDaily Telegraph
image captionIn the Scotland edition of The Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson says the prime minister must cut taxes to help "striving" families and give the UK a post-Brexit boost. In his weekly column, he says Mrs May should cut stamp duty, income tax and capital gains tax.
image copyrightThe Times
image captionAllies of Mr Johnson have accused Downing Street of waging a campaign to discredit the former foreign secretary, according to The Times Scotland. He has faced criticism from colleagues for likening Mrs May's Chequers strategy to a suicide vest.
image copyrightThe National
image captionPete Wishart has told The National that government ministers are ignoring requests for meetings with SNP MPs. He claims they are instead giving access to Scots Tory MPs in order to make them appear more effective.
image copyrightScottish Daily Express
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express reports that scientists are "tantalisingly close" to devising a blood test which could predict those at risk from dementia.
image copyrightPress and Journal
image captionThe Press and Journal leads with a report on a brawl between motorists following a crash in Moray. Four people were charged in connection with the incident, following the collision involving a group of motorcyclists and at least one car, the paper reports.
image copyrightCourier
image captionA mother who suffered a stroke four months after giving birth has spoken to The Courier. It reports that Louise McLuckie, from Carnoustie, is now unable to walk for more than 20m unaided and she cannot hold her baby.
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionA Scottish holidaymaker who found a hidden camera in an apartment he booked in Toronto, Canada, has spoken to the Daily Record. Police in Toronto are now investigating Dougie Hamilton's discovery at the Airbnb property.
image copyrightScottish Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun reports that a student at St Andrews University is hiring 12 servants. The fresher's wealthy family has bought a property in the Fife town and are now advertising for staff including a butler and a maid.
image copyrightDaily Star
image captionThe Daily Star of Scotland reports that Masterchef's Gregg Wallace has moved his mother-in-law into his home in a bid to help his marriage.