Your pictures of Scotland: 2 - 9 November

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 2 - 9 November. Send your photos to or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics.

Sunrise river Clyde Image copyright Siobhann Dunn
Image caption While on a morning run, Siobhann Dunn stopped to enjoy the sunrise over Glasgow's River Clyde and of course, took a picture.
A cat on a horse Image copyright Richard Harris
Image caption In the Highlands, Richard Harris' kitten found a resting spot on the neighbour's horse's back. They are now friends.
Loch Rannoch Image copyright Selena Roma
Image caption Selena Roma, from the US, captured this peaceful setting at Loch Rannoch during her birthday trip to Scotland.
Shetland aurora Image copyright Ali Farqhar
Image caption A natural light show - the Shetland aurora captured on Sunday evening by Ali Farquhar.
A red squirrel Image copyright Nige Hutchison
Image caption This red squirrel was caught having a little snack by Nige Hutchison.
Bike in Peebles Image copyright Amy Gove
Image caption Amy Gove got an action shot on her Peebles bike adventure at the weekend.
Poppies in garden Image copyright PAmela Taylor
Image caption Poppies are still flowering in Pamela Taylor's garden.
Enchanted Forest Image copyright Linda Ann Robertson
Image caption Linda Ann Robertson managed to get last minute tickets for her and her husband to see the Enchanted Forest, she said it was "stunning".
A west highland terrier in Edinburgh Image copyright Alex Grant
Image caption Casper the west highland terrier sporting a poppy at Castle Stalker in Loch Laich, captured by owner Alex Grant.
Lossie beach Image copyright Tony Sanderson
Image caption Tony Sanderson went for a stroll to Lossie beach and managed to snap this magnificent morning sky.
A Robyn in a bird bath Image copyright Sharon Timmons
Image caption This robin decided to rest in Sharon Timmons garden and lucky enough there was a bath waiting.
Top of Ben Starva Image copyright Simon Wallace
Image caption At the top of Ben Starva. Simon Wallace captured these scenes while climbing three Munros in nine hours with his son.
Cascade of poppies Image copyright Janet Parker
Image caption Armistice centenary tribute of a cascade of poppies in Largs, by Janet Parker.
Sunrise at Edinburgh castle Image copyright Carolyn Peachey
Image caption The sun rising over the iconic Edinburgh castle captured by Carolyn Peachey.
Burghead Harbour Image copyright Tom McPherson
Image caption A beautiful evening at Burghead Harbour, taken by Tom McPherson.

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