Your pictures: Remembrance displays around Scotland

Cross and helmet in Edinburgh Image copyright Eric Donaldson
Image caption "A simple cross and helmet speak more eloquently than a thousand words" - Eric Donaldson in Edinburgh

Towns and cities across Scotland are set to remember the end of conflict in the First World War. Below is a gallery featuring a selection of your photos of remembrance displays from around the country.

Poppies growing in Dunfermline Image copyright Alex Gilfillan
Image caption Alex Gilfillan saw these poppies flowering in Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline
Poppies growing in Dundee Image copyright Pam Taylor
Image caption Pam Taylor spotted these poppies flowering in her garden in Dundee and captured the poignant sight
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WW1 Memorial, Kirk Street, PETERHEAD Image copyright George Evans
Image caption There are poppies on display at the war memorial in Kirk Street, Peterhead.
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Cadets at Kelvinside Academy Image copyright Kelvinside Academy
Image caption Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow remembered 131 of its students who died in the First World War
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Pupils of Spean Bridge Primary School have made 100 large poppies which they have attached to the fence lining the road near the Commando Memorial on the top of the hill in their village. Image copyright Margaret Sergant
Image caption Pupils of Spean Bridge Primary School have made 100 large poppies which they have attached to the road near the Commando Memorial.
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War memorial at Blairgowrie Image copyright Mary M Rodgers
Image caption Mary Rodgers from Dundee sent us this black and white image of the war memorial at Blairgowrie.
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Poppies on a tree in Dunfermline Image copyright Heather Anderson
Image caption Heather Anderson took this image on an overcast day in Dunfermline
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Poppies at Castle in Stranraer Image copyright Social Media
Image caption The Castle of St John in Stranraer is part of a Remembrance display
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Poppies at Strathaven Castle Image copyright James Barker
Image caption James Barker captured this scene at Strathaven Castle
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Poppies at Sorbie Tower Image copyright Elizabeth Murphy
Image caption The villages of Sorbie and Garlieston and surrounding area have worked together to create this dramatic display at the historic Sorbie Tower
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