Scotland's papers: Turkey 'exodus' and Gatwick drone probe

image captionThe Sunday Mail leads with an unusual pre-Christmas warning over a no-deal Brexit. Scotland's biggest turkey farmer Paul Kelly has told the paper he will move 10% of his birds to Europe if Prime Minister Theresa May cannot strike a deal before the UK leaves the EU.
image captionThe Sunday Post focuses on another business leader - Kaiam chief executive Bardia Pezeshki. The US-based technology boss has denied accusations of "cowardice" after he flew out of Scotland days before his firm went bust, leaving 400 workers at its Livingston plant without pay.
image captionThe Herald on Sunday says Glasgow City Council is considering plans which could involve mortgaging some of the city's most famous buildings and landmarks. The suggestion is that the deals would be used as security for "massive" loans to settle its £500m equal pay bill for council workers.
image captionThe Mail on Sunday is one of several papers who have named and pictured the two people who are reportedly in custody in connection with the Gatwick drone sightings.
image captionThe Sunday Express also leads with the couple who are reportedly being questioned.
image captionThe Sunday National warns of a "Nightmare Before Christmas" with Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell hinting that Jeremy Corbyn calling for a vote of no confidence in the Conservative government would only happen if Labour "cosied up" to the DUP.
image captionScotland on Sunday focuses on the rise in the number of people becoming vegan and the ongoing row about whether it is a healthier way to live or not. The paper has an interview with an academic from the University of Cardiff who says many people across the UK are putting their health at risk by "experimenting with veganism".

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