Scotland's papers: Tory rebels 'vow to destroy party'

image captionThe resignations of three MPs from the Tory party to join an independent group dominate Thursday's front pages. The Herald says the formation of the Independent Group of MPs "paves the way towards a ground-breaking merger with the Liberal Democrats.
image captionFormer Prime Minister David Cameron made a late bid to try and persuade the three Conservative defectors to stay in the party, according to the Times.
image captionThe Scotsman says one of the Tory defectors, Heidi Allen, ruled out any possibility of a future return to the party, saying if the rebel group "do our jobs properly there won't be a Tory party to go back to".
image captionThe i claims Cabinet ministers are privately supportive of the breakaway group. It claims the exodus is set to continue with more MPs ready to quit the UK's biggest parties.
image caption"I want to kill off Tory party" is the headline in the Daily Mail - the paper calls it an "astonishing claim" by one of the Tory defectors.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph focuses on the same angle. It quotes one of the pro-Remain trio saying the Tories won't exist "if we do our jobs properly".
image captionElsewhere, The Scottish Sun's main focus is once again on the Alesha MacPhail murder trial. The paper tells how jurors were told by the prosecution that the teenager accused of killing the six-year-old told "a pack of lies" during his evidence.
image captionThe Daily Record has an interview with the parents of a premature baby who is in intensive care after picking up three hospital infections in six weeks. The girl, who was born weighing just 1lb 5oz, has been diagnosed with a rare antibiotic-resistant strain of staphylococcus aureus. Two other premature babies at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow died after an outbreak of the infection last month.
image captionThe National says The Queen is challenging the £16,8000 business rates bill for her shooting estate at Balmoral. The paper says public documents show Her Majesty has lodged an appeal against the rateable value of the sporting land in Aberdeenshire.
image captionLove Island host Caroline Flack taking on the trolls is the main story in the Daily Star. It says she is proud to be labelled "a cougar" for dating toyboys.
image captionThe Press and Journal's Inverness and Highlands edition reports on a 57-year-old woman being treated for serious injuries after being hit by a a as she walked across a slip road on the A9 at the Raigmore Interchange.
image captionThe Courier's Dundee edition says a police raid on a community justice centre in the city has been branded "totally over the top". Seven police vehicles were called to deal with an alleged offensive weapon - only to discover it was a belt buckle.

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