Scotland's papers: May fears revolt after Brexit vote delay

image captionMonday's Scotsman leads with the latest on Brexit, reporting that "fury" has followed the decision by Theresa May to postpone the second vote on her Brexit deal until as late as 12 March. The paper says this has sparked condemnation from opposition and her own party.
image captionThe Times Scotland says Theresa May's announcement has resulted in some ministers now privately pressing the PM to rule out a no-deal Brexit or face the prospect of cabinet members quitting.
image caption"Revolt and resignations" are what the i newspaper expects, as it names Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Gleg Clark as potential MPs to leave. The paper also highlights Labour's move towards officially backing another referendum.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports a potential two-month delay to Brexit, under plans being considered by Theresa May. According to the report, a series of options have been drawn up by aides in Downing Street in a bid to avoid ministerial resignations.
image captionThe Herald leads with a story about dangerous slimming pills. Scotland's food watchdog has issued an urgent warning over the danger of a deadly chemical found in slimming supplements after a new survey found people in Scotland are ignorant of DNP, a highly toxic substance linked to the deaths of 26 people in the UK since 2007.
image captionThe Scottish Sun leads with a story involving teenage killer Aaron Campbell, who murdered six-year-old Alesha MacPhail. The paper has spoken to a woman called Lyndsay Stewart, who claims she had to drag Aaron Campbell off her screaming child as he kicked and punched her. She tells the paper she ended up accused of attacking him but was later cleared.
image captionAaron Campbell also features on the front page of the Daily Record, which claims that the child's killer went online in the hours after Alesha MacPhail's body was found to "like" tribute posts local people had left for the six-year-old.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express also leads with a story about teenage killer Aaron Campbell, saying the 16-year-old's online videos have been removed by YouTube as a mark of respect to Alesha MacPhail following the verdict in her murder trial last week.
image captionMissing man Richard Finnis in Inverness has been found, according to the front of the Press and Journal. The 30-year-old football player had not been seen for a week, sparking a land and sea search and numerous appeals. Police said he was "safe and well"
image captionThe new BBC Scotland channel is the focus of The National. Editor of the flagship news programme The Nine, Hayley Valentine, has said she will "defend the BBC's coverage of the 2014 independence referendum against accusations of bias until her dying day".
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail leads with a "justice farce" over claims people given community payback orders are not having to carry out "hard work" but are taking part in courses instead.
image captionThe Courier's Perthshire edition carries a story about a man being found dead in Perth just days after he was due to appear in court on a charge he embezzled thousands of pounds from his elderly mother.
image captionAnd the Daily Star of Scotland splashes with a story about migraines "blinding" Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd.

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