Scotland's papers: May vows to quit and McLeish 'faces sack'

Image caption Wednesday's Brexit bombshells dominate the Scottish front pages with the Scotsman succinctly summing up Theresa May's promise to quit in the summer if parliament backs her Brexit deal. They go with the headline "Back me and sack me".
Image caption The i choose the exact same headline, with the paper saying either a snap election or a long delay to Brexit are becoming increasingly likely.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph addresses the arithmetic of Mrs May's deal getting through. It says more than 20 Conservatives who previously opposed her deal have now said they would back it. However, the paper points out the PM needs 75 opponents to come around to her deal in order to have it approved by parliament.
Image caption The Times Scotland has chosen a sombre picture of the Prime Minister and suggests her Brexit deal could be put before MPs again on Friday. The report says Mrs May's "highly charged address" to the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee saw some movement within the party. The paper claims: "[Former foreign secretary] Boris Johnson announced that he was falling into line within an hour of her promise to quit."
Image caption "I'm off!" says The Scottish Sun as it states that Theresa May has "fallen on her sword" to get Tory MPs to back her Brexit deal.
Image caption Last night's indicative vote results are described by The Herald as "a shambles" after MPs failed to back any of the eight different options put before them. The paper says Britain is now in "fresh constitutional chaos" after events at Westminster and Holyrood on Wednesday.
Image caption "Will her sacrifice be in vain?" ponders the Daily Mail, as it points out that Mrs May failed to win the crucial support of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party which said it could not support an agreement which threatened the integrity of the UK.
Image caption The Daily Express praises the PM's "valiant" attempt to break the Brexit deadlock, calling it a "selfless gesture". The headline asks: "What more does she have to do?"
Image caption The National focuses on MPs rejecting eight alternative approaches to Brexit in a vote last night. It says that SNP MP Ian Blackford has called for a general election while SNP MEP Alyn Smith told the European parliament to "leave a light on" for Scotland.
Image caption A Daily Record exclusive claims Scotland football manager Alex McLeish may be "relieved of his duties within the next 24 hours" following unfavourable results. The paper claims the manager is "struggling" with the stress of the top job.
Image caption A court story makes the lead in the Dundee edition of The Courier. The paper says former policeman Scot Gorrie's "secret life as a stalker" has been revealed at Dundee Sheriff court. The story says he created a fictional life behind his wife's back and convinced his secret lover their lives were in danger.
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Image caption The top story in The Press and Journal is about the death of a well-known creel fisherman who fell overboard. The man spent almost an hour in icy North Sea waters. He had been out in his 19ft vessel when he fell into the water yesterday lunchtime.
Image caption And the Daily Star of Scotland leads with a story which suggests that having "lots of sex" could "virtually cure" hayfever.

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