Scotland's papers: Brexit deal gets 'one last chance'

Image caption On the day the UK was supposed to leave the EU - with MPs set to vote once again on the Withdrawal Agreement Theresa May struck with Brussels - The Scotsman gives over its front page to its Canadian-born Westminster correspondent's personal account of Brexit.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail is one of several papers with a message for MPs. "Put your country first. Uphold democracy. Back the Brexit deal today," it says. "You've got one more chance."
Image caption The Times says there "seems little chance" of the government convincing a majority of MPs to back the deal, given both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Northern Ireland's DUP remain opposed to it. If the PM fails, Britain will face a long delay to the Brexit process, possibly remaining in the EU for another year, the paper believes.
Image caption For the Daily Express, which carries a large and moody photograph of Parliament, the UK's failure to exit the EU on schedule marks the "darkest hour for democracy". Brexit, it argues, "MUST still be delivered".
Image caption The Herald carries claims that the latest Brexit vote is a "tactical wheeze" to buy time to work on another form of deal for the UK exiting the EU.
Image caption According to the i, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is "primed and ready" to replace Mrs May as prime minister. It describes Mrs Johnson's Tory leadership campaign as having begun and reports that he held meetings with MPs from across the Conservative Party on Thursday.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph describes a "day of reckoning" for the prime minister as she makes a third attempt to win over MPs, who will vote on the core elements of the deal. However, the paper says Mrs May has had "warnings from her closest aides and ministers that she is destined for yet another defeat".
Image caption The Daily Record carries claims that patients could be given "watered down" prescriptions and alternative medicines in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
Image caption The National carries the result of an opinion poll, commissioned by pro-independence group Progress Scotland, which shows 63% of undecided voters believe Brexit makes Scottish independence more likely.
Image caption Funding cuts to services which help the elderly, including two day centres, dominate the front page of the Fife edition of The Courier.
Image caption The Highlands and Islands edition of the Press and Journal leads with the story of a 32-year-old man appearing in court to deny killing two pensioners in Oban last year.
Image caption The Daily Star front page features an interview with a reality TV star who talks about his mental health problems.

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