Scotland's papers: Brexit 'recession' and fightback of Notre Dame

Image caption, There's a warning on the front page of The Scotsman this Wednesday. The lead story reports that the risk of Scotland being plunged into recession with a no-deal Brexit "remains high", according to economists The Fraser of Allander Institute. It says last week's extension of the UK's EU departure date until 31 October has only "kicked the can down the road".
Image caption, The National also sticks with Brexit, reporting on a speech made by Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt. The politician slammed the decision to give the UK a six-month Brexit extension, saying Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will squander the extra time. He noted that the first thing British politicians did after they were granted the delay last week "was go on holiday".
Image caption, The ongoing issue of reduced chemotherapy doses given by NHS Tayside to breast cancer patients is the top story in The Herald. The paper highlights a report released yesterday which called the practice "unacceptable". Of the 304 women treated with the lower dose, 14 have since died.
Image caption, The Courier's Dundee edition leads with the same story, saying that experts have called for a review of decision-making procedures within the health board.
Image caption, "Notre Dame rises again" is the headline in the i newspaper, which prints a striking photograph of the aftermath of the devastating fire in Notre Dame cathedral. It highlights the efforts of a "hero priest" who dashed into the burning building to rescue priceless artefacts.
Image caption, The Times Scotland reveals the French building was just 30 minutes from collapse when firefighters stopped the blaze from spreading to the cathedral belfries. It says President Macron has pledged to rebuild within five years. Other worrying news on the front page includes an announcement about the return of the perm.
Image caption, In The Scottish Sun, we learn that an initial alarm was dismissed as false after no evidence of a fire was found. It took staff 23 minutes to discover the blaze in the roof of Notre Dame.
Image caption, A woman who suffered domestic abuse makes the front page of the Daily Record. Paula McNeill told the paper the police had "reunited her with her partner, just hours after she was beaten.
Image caption, The Daily Telegraph also chooses to use the picture of Notre Dame's altar which survived the fire. But its lead story claims that criminals will have minor offences wiped from their records under plans being considered by Sajid Javid. It's to stop them being denied jobs by "spent" convictions.
Image caption, The Scottish Daily Express claims that care homes are evicting residents after family members complain about their treatment. The so-called "revenge evictions" are designed to "silence claims of abuse and neglect", according to the paper.
Image caption, The P&J leads with a veteran of the Highland football league being accused of sexual offences. The paper reports that 77-year-old John Henderson appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court facing four charges, all related to alleged incidents at football training grounds in the north of Scotland.
Image caption, And the Daily Star of Scotland claims Manchester United star Nicky Butt was arrested on suspicion of assault.

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