Trainspotting actor 'gunned down' and Dugdale 'victory for free speech'

image captionThe Scottish Sun says a Trainspotting actor has died after being shot in the head near his home in Edinburgh. Bradley Welsh, who played gangland kingpin Doyle in the sequel, was gunned down in the street following a "disturbance".
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News also leads with the story, says the former Hibs casual turned charity worker, who was also a boxer, was friends with author Irvine Welsh.
image captionThe Scotsman says Kezia Dugdale has hailed a victory for "free speech and a healthy democracy" in Scotland after winning a defamation case brought against her by the pro-independence blogger Wings Over Scotland.
image captionThe Daily Record also leads with the former leader of Scottish Labour hailing her victory over a Scots independence blogger as an "important judgement for the right to free speech"
image captionThe National also reports on the case and says that Kezia Dugdale thanked her supporters but failed to mention the Labour Party.
image captionScotland's cities are in the grip of a "public health scandal" after bus operators failed to take advantage of a fund aimed at cleaning up their fleets, environmental campaigners have said in The Herald.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail says millions of drivers hitting the road this weekend will face the highest Easter petrol prices in five years.
image captionThe Scottish Daily Express leads with claims that a common diabetes medicine could reduce the risk of heart disease in non-diabetic patients. Researchers at the University of Dundee discovered that metformin, which has been used to treat Type 2 diabetes safely for the past 60 years, can reverse the harmful thickening of heart muscle which leads to cardiovascular disease.
image captionThe i leads with a US study in which scientists partially revived pig brains four hours after the animals were slaughtered.
image captionNigel Farage's new Brexit Party has surged into first place in opinion polls ahead of the European Parliament elections next month, reports the Daily Telegraph.
image captionThe Times front page also features two polls that suggest the Brexit Party has surged into the lead for the upcoming European elections. A YouGov poll for the newspaper put the Brexit Party on 23%, Labour on 22% and the Conservatives on 17%.
image captionThe Courier leads with the latest evidence from a murder trial in which three people deny killing Steven Donaldson by attacking him and setting fire to him.
image captionAccording to the Press and Journal, two new secondary schools are being planned for two fast-expanding Aberdeen communities.
image captionPiranhas from the Amazon are "stalking" British lakes and killing local wildlife, according to the Star, which reports fears that "humans could be attacked next".

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