Your pictures of Scotland: 12 - 19 April

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 12 March and 19 April. Send your photos to or via Instagram at #bbcscotlandpics.

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Loch Leven Image copyright Gordon Goldie
Image caption As still as a sheet of glass - Gordon Goldie was out on his boat when he captured this peaceful image of Loch Leven near Ballachulish
Easter bunny Image copyright Steven Gray
Image caption This little bunny wished Steven Gray a Happy Easter in Cairngorms National Park.
Kildalton chapel Image copyright Colin Robertson
Image caption A clear night on the isle of Islay gifted Colin Robertson this beautiful shot of Kildalton chapel with its 8th Century Celtic cross
Tiger mural Image copyright Linda Crighton
Image caption Linda Crighton from Port Glasgow took this roar-some picture on a walk along the Clyde with her husband
Inverness sky Image copyright Gordon Bain
Image caption Steam frames the amazing Inverness sky at sunset, taken by Gordon Bain
Northern Lights Image copyright Jacquie Murray
Image caption The Northern Lights in Peterhead, snapped by Jacquie Murray.
North Ballachulish rope swing Image copyright Paul Toman
Image caption The absolute joy of a rope swing - enjoyed by Paul Toman's grandson Louis, snapped by his mum Hannah near North Ballachulish.
North Berwick sunrise Image copyright Steve Williams
Image caption Surf's up for Steve Williams from Gullane - he was up early enough on Good Friday to catch a golden sunrise at North Berwick
Daffodils Image copyright Valerie Pegler
Image caption Valerie Pegler met this host of golden daffodils out cycling in West Lothian
Loch Lomond Image copyright Ross toole
Image caption "Who needs screen time, when this is your view from your tent?" So says Rhuari and Finn as they looked out across Loch Lomond this week. Sent in by Ross Toole.
Loch Doon grass fire Image copyright Lee Hazely
Image caption Firefighter Lee Hazely captured the fierceness of this grass fire in a forest near Loch Doon this week.
Cheeky red squirrel Image copyright Roy Mitchell
Image caption This red squirrel is king of the world as he oversees proceedings in Perth. Taken by Roy Mitchell
Burntisland beach Image copyright Aaron Simpson
Image caption Under the railway tunnel to the beach at Burntisland - Aaron Simpson took this lovely spring photo.
Helensburgh beach Image copyright Lyndsay King
Image caption A small window of opportunity saw Lyndsay King capture this stunning light on a walk with Jack the collie on Helensburgh beach.
Aberlady magpies Image copyright Ian Henderson
Image caption One for sorrow, two for joy... Ian Henderson caught three for a girl with these posing magpies at Aberlady Bird Sanctuary
Brambles the cat Image copyright Kelly Rooney
Image caption Brambles from Broxburn enjoying the sunshine, taken by Kelly Rooney
Benmore Gardens Image copyright Gerry Connor
Image caption Gerry Connor's duties as a volunteer ranger took him to Benmore Gardens which was a riot of colour with Rhododendron in full bloom.
Kingfishers Image copyright Calvin Laidlaw
Image caption Calvin Laidlaw found these stunning kingfishers in West Lothian.
Black sheep Image copyright Bernie Gajos
Image caption Baa baa: Out and about near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders, Bernie Gajos photographed a protective mum with her two lambs.
Ladybird Image copyright Alan Moss
Image caption Alan Moss found this little visitor to his garden in Houston, Renfrewshire.
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