Scottish papers: Time runs out for May and Emma's 'spy plane'

Image caption The question almost every newspaper is asking on Friday is: how much longer will Theresa May be in Number 10? The Scotsman says the prime minister is set to lay out her departure timetable later, with 10 June expected to be the official start of the leadership contest.
Image caption The Times claims the UK will have a new prime minister by the end of July. The paper says there will be a six-week leadership contest and Mrs May might even try to pass part of her Brexit deal.
Image caption The Herald's take on the situation has Theresa May facing an ultimatum from Tory backbenchers later to step down within days or be forced out of office. The report claims the prime minister is in a "fragile state," and is set to have a meeting with Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the Conservatives' 1922 backbench committee, at Westminster. The front page pictures the 50 ministers who have quit under Mrs May's leadership.
Image caption The i reports on a "mutiny" from Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary Sajid Javid as they "lose faith in her handling of Brexit" as - claims the paper - Tory despair grows.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says Theresa May must "finally confront reality" and discuss her future as PM. The broadsheet also cites Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt as a deciding factor after withdrawing his support for her Brexit bill. It left her "cornered", it says.
Image caption Theresa May will announce that the UK will have a new prime minister by summer, according to the Scottish Daily Mail. The paper says she will address the nation from Downing Street to announce her exact plans.
Image caption The National reports on an "election scandal" after yesterday's European poll. The paper says that scores of EU citizens living in Scotland were denied a vote in the election after an "outrageous" administrative error mistakenly left them struck off the electoral register.
Image caption The Daily Record has an exclusive story claiming a private surveillance plane has been deployed by police searching for the body of missing Kilmarnock woman Emma Faulds. The paper claims pilots "trained in top-secret military operations" are scouring lochs and forests.
Image caption The Scottish Sun leads with a story about a police officer reported for alleged public indecency.
Image caption Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson features on the front page of the Scottish Daily Express, backing the newspaper's mental health campaign and telling its readers she has to "carefully manage" her own mental health.
Image caption The Courier praises former Dundee football legend Rab Douglas for his attempts to save the life of a woman who fell ill on a flight from Majorca to Edinburgh. It's thought the woman had a heart attack.
Image caption The P&J's Inverness edition reveals a plan from Highland high schools to join forces against a surge in drug-taking, drinking and anti-social behaviour. The move is being supported by Police Scotland.
Image caption The Edinburgh Evening News reveals that sick days are costing the city council £22m per year. The 171,000 lost work days are being blamed on the stress of dealing with spending cuts.
Image caption And the Daily Star leads on the "best news ever", a study which suggests industry needs to drastically cut back on employee working hours to avoid global warming. The paper hails the nine-hour working week.

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