Scottish papers: 'Teario' as May is 'broken by Brexit'

Image caption There's only one story on the front of Scotland's papers this Saturday and that is Theresa May's announced departure. The Scotsman sums it up with the headline "It all ends in tears" as it pictures an emotional Mrs May outside 10 Downing Street as she made her resignation speech.
Image caption Holding back on the sympathy, the Daily Record leads with "teario, teario, teario" as it talks of the end of her "pitiful" premiership.
Image caption The National also has "no sympathy" for the end of Theresa May's leadership, commenting on her emotional speech and asking "where were the tears for Windrush, Grenfell and Universal Credit?"
Image caption The Scottish Sun calls "May's own Brexit" a "sob story", telling Scotland it is time to start crying because "here comes BoJo".
Image caption The Times also runs with an emotional photograph of the outgoing PM, and says Boris Johnson is threatening a no-deal Brexit while Jeremy Corbyn is calling for a general election.
Image caption It's a "crying shame" on the front of the Scottish Daily Mail as they blow up Theresa May's memorable moment to the full page. The paper says little more outside of the 15-page special edition.
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Image caption The Herald proclaims Theresa May "broken by Brexit", saying Nicola Sturgeon wants a general election to follow her departure. In other news, the paper touches on summer strikes at two Scottish airports and accusations against Celtic FC over historical abuse.
Image caption "Tears for the love of her country" says The Scottish Daily Express which says Theresa May admitted defeat over the EU deadlock on a "historical day". The paper asks who will be able to take on the challenge of delivering Brexit.
Image caption The i newspaper leads with a quote from Mrs May's resignation speech - "I have done my best". The paper says the contest to be her replacement is a "crowded field".
Image caption The PM has "boldly gone", announces the Daily Star of Scotland with an interesting recreation of a Klingon. The paper tells us sagely: "It's politics, Jim, but not as we know it."
Image caption The P&J's North-East edition concentrates on announced strikes at Aberdeen and Glasgow airports. Passengers are facing two 12-hour strikes on June 7 and 10 as the row over pay and pensions intensifies.
Image caption The Courier claims Dundee house owners could face additional monthly maintenance bills if proposals for compulsory factoring go ahead.
Image caption And a big day for the Hearts-supporting portion of the capital is the only thing on the agenda for the Edinburgh Evening news, which dedicates its front page entirely to the fans. The 56 Jambos have just one dream, according to the paper - "bring the cup back to Gorgie".

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