Scotland's papers: Castle scissors killing and 'depraved' nuns

Image caption The Daily Star front page leads with the stabbing to death of a man in his twenties near Edinburgh Castle. Police said another man has been arrested in connection with the incident.
Image caption The crime scene from Thursday's stabbing also features on the front of The Herald, but the paper leads with claims that Scotland faces a £1bn tax "blackhole" after a report by the Scottish Fiscal Commission said there would be a shortfall in public finances due to predicted income tax receipts.
Image caption The Scotsman also features a picture from the crime scene of the stabbing in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. The paper leads with claims by the Scottish Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, that their members are being put at risk by “falling down” buildings where they work.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail reports on the publication of a Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry which focuses on the care of children at Nazareth Houses. It found that orphans were subject to sexual abuse of the "utmost depravity". The paper describes the nuns as being "damned" for their actions.
Image caption The Times continues its coverage of Celtic, amid the club's response to historic child abuse allegations at Celtic Boys Club. The paper says there is mountain pressure for an inquiry into the scandal after comments from an MSP.
Image caption The Sun also follows up on the Celtic Boys Club story. It features comments made in a letter to the Parkhead club from another MSP, who says bosses "shirked responsibility" and failed victims. James Dornan says it is time for Celtic to "do the right thing".
Image caption The Telegraph says Donald Trump has indicated that Boris Johnson is his favourite in the race to become the next Conservative leader - calling him a "good guy" and a "friend". Tory MP Mark Harper has become the 12th person to announce an intention to stand for the party leadership, according to the paper.
Image caption The Courier's Angus and Mearns edition features a headline quote from the sentencing judge Lord Pentland to Steven Donaldson’s killers at Edinburgh High Court. Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson will serve a minimum of 23 and 24 years respectively, while Tasmin Glass was detained for 10 years.
Image caption Ruth Davidson faces a backlash for urging voters in a Peterborough by-election to back a Tory candidate because he “voted for Brexit”, according to The National.
Image caption The Conservative Party is "haemorrhaging money" amid the leadership race, the i newspaper reports. Donors are withholding funding in protest at the government's handling of Brexit, the paper claims.
Image caption The Express quotes EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier as saying the UK's vote to leave the EU was a product of "nostalgia" for a "powerful global Britain". Mr Barnier's comments sparked an "immediate backlash" and saw him accused of insulting 17.4 million Leave voters, according to the paper.
Image caption The Daily Record features an image of abandoned drug paraphernalia and claims Glasgow city centre pathways are "strewn with hypodermic needles, metal spoons and ampoules of citric acid, used for cooking up heroin and cocaine hits".

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