Scotland's newspapers: Johnson's property tax and Hunt's ships

Image caption The Herald says Boris Johnson's plans for stamp duty could create a "disaster" for the Scottish property market.
Image caption Boris Johnson's rival Jeremy Hunt is, reports the Scotsman, planning a £15bn shipbuilding "bonanza" which could benefit Scotland.
Image caption The Daily Record has the story of a young footballer who may be able to keep playing after cancer thanks to "miracle surgery".
Image caption The Angus edition of The Courier says a man's life was saved because his wife, a nurse, recognised he was suffering from sepsis.
Image caption The National has made some calculations about guests on the BBC's Newsnight programme and found too few SNP supporters - and too many Tories.
Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail has details of a new procedure which could help some blind people have their sight restored.
Image caption The Times says UK government ministers could soon be putting out health messages about how much sleep people should be getting.
Image caption Strikes over the summer at Heathrow Airport make the lead for the Daily Telegraph.
Image caption The Star finds a connection between a violent crime and a minor celebrity.

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