Scotland's papers: Boris to 'clash with Ruth' in Scotland visit

image copyrightThe Scottish Mail on Sunday
image captionThe prime minister's meeting with Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson during his visit to Scotland this week appears on many front pages. The Scottish Mail on Sunday predicts a clash between the two, despite reports of "clear the air" talks, after Ms Davidson's "stinging warning" to oppose a no-deal Brexit.
image copyrightSunday National
image caption"Bring it on" is the Sunday National's message to Mr Johnson after Nicola Sturgeon posed with a battle axe during a visit to Shetland. The first minister tweeted the picture with the caption "Ready for you Prime Minister" in a tongue-in-cheek welcome message.
image copyrightScotland on Sunday
image captionScotland on Sunday leads with advice to Mr Johnson from David Mundell, who gives his first full interview since leaving the cabinet. Mr Mundell also voiced regret about the way Brexit legislation at the heart of the devolution "power grab" row was handled.
image copyrightThe Herald on Sunday
image captionA special report by The Herald on Sunday highlights an increasing number of Scottish Conservatives who believe a split from the UK party is the only way to keep favour with voters in Scotland. The paper quotes a Scottish Tory source who said "we always have to amend and adapt".
image copyrightScottish Sunday Express
image captionThe Scottish Sunday Express warns pro-EU MPs they will "face the wrath of voters" if they try to bring down Mr Johnson's government before he can deliver Brexit. According to a poll by the paper, 72% of voters want the new prime minister to be given a "proper chance" to take the UK out of the EU without interference from other MPs.
image copyrightThe Sunday Post
image captionThe Sunday Post reports that Still Game creators Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan have criticised the scrapping of free TV licenses for over 75s. In 2015, the government announced the BBC would take over the cost of providing free licences by 2020 as part of the fee settlement. The move would cost £745m, a fifth of the BBC's budget, by 2021/22.
image copyrightSunday Mail
image captionAway from politics, the Sunday Mail leads with a mother who was attacked by a dog and has since called for the animal to be put down. The paper reports Lynsey Beck's anger as campaigners launched a fight to have the Queen pardon the dog.
image copyrightThe Scottish Sun on Sunday
image captionAnd The Scottish Sun on Sunday reports how US police detained a man who disappeared after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Scotland. Kim Avis, from Inverness, was reported missing in March after reportedly going for a swim at Monastery Beach in Carmel, California.

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