Scotland's papers: Celtic abuse 'payout' and dead PC was newlywed

Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail claims that Celtic have paid "significant" compensation to a former player who suffered sexual abuse by a coach at the club. The club admitted liability for historic abuse after coach Jim McCafferty was jailed for a series of crimes against teenage boys.
Image caption The Daily Record leads with a football abuse story involving Motherwell FC. The report says the family of a young footballer who killed himself after a coach was cleared of abusing him have slammed the club over the case. They tell the paper the club contacted them last week - "23 years too late".
Image caption Most of Saturday's papers carry a wedding photo of PC Andrew Harper who was killed while responding to a burglary. The Scottish Sun says "He should have been going on his honeymoon". The 28-year-old was attending an incident in a rural area of Berkshire on Thursday night - just weeks after marrying Lissie Beckett.
Image caption In the i, we learn that 10 people have been arrested after PC Harper was "dragged to death by car". It says family members have paid tribute to the newlywed policeman who was due to go on his honeymoon next week.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph's top story reports that former chancellor Ken Clarke has put himself forward to become caretaker prime minister to avoid a no-deal Brexit. The broadsheet writes that the Father of the House also gave his support to a proposal by Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson to lead an "emergency government to sort Brexit out".
Image caption The lead in the Times' Scotland edition claims that holidaymakers from Europe will be able to access free NHS treatment in Scotland after a no-deal Brexit. This, the paper says, breaks with plans south of the border to charge for treatment. It says "NHS Trusts in England have been told to make visitors pay for medical care".
Image caption The Herald reports that Spain, Croatia and Greece are looking at plans to copy Scotland's half-century long effort to reverse the historic depopulation of the Highlands and Islands. A major report has recommended setting up independent bodies to pursue long-term development in five southern European regions which are shedding people.
Image caption Scotland is "decades behind in its attitudes to race" according to the Scotsman's lead. Makar Jackie Kay tells the paper the country had to "grow up" and take more responsibility for the treatment of black and ethnic minorities.
Image caption The National lead has MP Tommy Sheppard calling for the UK's information watchdog to instruct Boris Johnson's government to release secret polling it has on attitudes to the Union and Scottish independence. The paper claims Theresa May fought to keep the information under wraps.
Image caption Sir Jackie Stewart speaks to the Scottish Daily Express about his plans to use Formula 1 expertise to "supercharge" dementia care and research. The motorsport legend has invited Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman to visit the McLaren racing team to help in the fight against the devastating illness his wife, Lady Helen, was diagnosed with in 2014.
Image caption A "horror fall" on a couple's wedding day is the lead in the Edinburgh Evening News. The dramatic headline reads: "I stood in my wedding dress covered in blood."
Image caption A court story on the front of the P&J describes the conviction of a man who stabbed his flatmate to death in a high-rise flat in Aberdeen.
Image caption And the Daily Star of Scotland reveals what it calls "the sickest realist show ever" on its front page. It says "TV bosses" are planning to air a new programme which sees "wannabe mums hook up with strangers" to get pregnant.

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