Scotland's papers: Football 'heading ban' for children

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image captionThe Sunday Mail leads with an exclusive report that Scotland is set to become the first country in Europe to ban children from heading a football during games. The move follows an academic study which highlighted a link between the sport and dementia.
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image captionThe Sunday National leads with a joint bid by the Lib Dems to break the parliamentary deadlock by agreeing to an election if the UK government rules out no-deal. The parties have joined forces in a bid to trigger a 9 December election and have asked EU Council President Donald Tusk to grant a three-month extension of the date for Brexit.
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image captionThe Sunday Post reports the De La Salle order is being urged to settle damage claims brought by victims of abuse at five of its children's homes. The paper reveals former volunteer managers of the Catholic order's schools may also be held liable for funding the compensation payments.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe SNP avoided going over the legal spending limit for a by-election by only declaring the costs of rented accommodation for days when campaigners were using it, according to The Herald. The paper says it has obtained documents which show the party only declared 57% of the cost of two rented flats in the run up to the Shetland poll in August.
image copyrightScottish Sunday Express
image captionThe Sunday Express splashes on Boris Johnson's claims that MPs will be "holding Britain hostage" if they do not back his calls for a general election. The front page also features a picture of missing backpacker Amelia Bambridge, 21, who disappeared after a beach party in Cambodia.
image copyrightScottish Mail on Sunday
image captionThe Mail on Sunday says that a "laughing people smuggler" told an undercover reporter that the deaths of the 39 people discovered in a trailer in Essex were "the luck of the draw".
image copyrightSunday Times
image captionThe Archbishop of Canterbury has told the Sunday Times he was "shocked" by Mr Johnson's dismissal of pleas for him to moderate his language last month and warned MPs against using "inflammatory putdowns" at a time when society is "very polarised". The paper also names Bui Thi Nhung, 19, as a suspected victim of last week's lorry tragedy in Essex.

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