Scotland's papers: Clutha disaster 'cover-up' claims

image captionThe report into the findings of the Clutha helicopter crash inquiry make many of the Scottish front pages on Thursday. The Scottish Sun says victims' families are "outraged" that the aircraft's pilot was blamed for ignoring low fuel warnings.
image captionIn the Herald, Clutha families condemn the findings, calling the verdict a "cover-up" and say that blaming the pilot was "too easy".
image caption"Fatal gamble" is how the Scottish Daily Mail puts the "damning verdict" against the man who was flying the helicopter in December 2013. The story says David Traill "took a chance" that fuel warnings were a mistake.
image caption"Clutha pilot took a risk" says the Daily Star of Scotland with a photograph of the helicopter wreckage being pulled from the Clutha pub after the disaster that killed 10 people. Sheriff Principal Craig Turnbull said in his report Captain David Traill had ignored the five warnings he received during the flight - a "conscious decision" which had "fatal consequences".
image captionThursday's Daily Record leads with a revelation that Glasgow's Lord Provost Eve Bolander has resigned in a row over expenses. The paper broke a story earlier this year after obtaining a list of the dignitary's expenses through a freedom of information request. The paper claimed Ms Bolander had spent more than £8,000 of public money on clothes and beauty products.
image captionThe troubled new Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh is the subject of the lead in the Edinburgh Evening News. The paper reports that new faults have been found within the building's fire and electrical systems. The paper claims staff were "24 hours from moving kids into a deathtrap".
image captionBoris Johnson takes a swipe at Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Daily Express. The paper reports that the PM blasted the SNP's "crackpot" plan to break up Britain. Mr Johnson says in the report that a vote for the SNP is "a vote for a border at Berwick".
image captionStaying with the prime minister, The National claims Boris Johnson made a threat to withdraw Scotland's devolved powers over the NHS. During PMQs, the paper reports he criticised the SNP's record on health and said: " If this goes on I think the SNP will forfeit all right to manage the NHS in Scotland."
image captionThe Scotsman's top story claims Jeremy Corbyn could back a new Scottish independence vote within two years. The story says Labour's election campaign in Scotland risked being derailed on day one after the Labour leader confirmed he would allow the vote to go ahead.
image captionThere's fighting talk from Nicola Sturgeon baring her fists on the front of the P&J as she says she would be open to join forces with other parties to "KO" the Tories.
image captionThe Times leads with politics, and the latest MP to step down after suffering abuse from the public. Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan talks about the impact of these attacks on her family and says she can "no longer justify" her role.
image captionThe Telegraph leads with claims that the Brexit Party is considering withdrawing hundreds of candidates to help secure a Tory majority in some seats.
image captionThe i leads with calls from relatives of some victims of the Grenfell Tower fire for the resignation of London Fire Brigade commissioner Dany Cotton. She is due to retire in six months but the release of a damning report has prompted calls for senior officers to face prosecution.
image captionAnd the Courier's top story says that the principal of Dundee University has been suspended in an alleged row over rent arrears.

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