Scotland's papers: Levein axed and Clutha pilot apology

image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News leads with Craig Levein's sacking as manager of Hearts. He will also leave his role as director of football. It said it was a "painful end" for the manager after 25 years' service.
image captionThe Daily Record also leads on the Hearts manager's departure. It says the "axed" boss will stay on at the club until the summer. The front page also reports that the "mysterious death" of Stefan Sutherland in 2013 is to be re-examined by a "crack squad" of detectives. The 25-year-old's body was discovered on a beach 11 days after he disappeared from his home in Caithness.
image captionA relative of a Clutha victim has contacted the family of pilot David Traill to apologise for a "white-wash" report that said his decision to ignore low fuel warnings had "fatal consequences". Gordon Arthur told Mr Traill's sister that he did not hold the pilot responsible for the crash.
image captionThe Daily Express reports that Jeremy Corbyn had a "secret summit" with Nicola Sturgeon. The first minister was accused of being willing to "roll out the red carpet" for the Labour leader if he became PM in order to get a second vote on independence.
image captionThe Scotsman covers Donald Trump's "dramatic intervention" in UK politics when he attacked the Brexit deal during an interview with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on LBC. The US president also claimed Jeremy Corbyn would be "so bad" as PM.
image captionThe Telegraph reports that Mr Trump urged Mr Farage to strike a deal with Boris Johnson to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from taking the UK to "bad places". The paper says Mr Farage's interview with Mr Trump was timed to coincide with the Brexit Party's election launch.
image captionThe Times also covers Mr Trump's warning for the PM that a Brexit deal will block and not boost transatlantic trade.
image captionSteering clear of the LBC interview, the i opts instead to focus on the Labour leader's election campaign launch. Mr Corbyn vowed to transform the UK by tackling "tax dodgers", big polluters and other members of the wealthy elite.
image captionA survey of teachers has raised further questions about a fund designed to help the poorest school children, The Herald reports. The paper says only one in four teachers believe the Pupil Equity Fund has helped those from the most deprived families.
image captionMuller has dealt a "hammer blow" to more than a dozen Aberdeenshire dairy farmers, according to the Press and Journal. The paper says the farmers' contracts with the dairy giant have been cancelled following a review of its operations in Scotland.
image captionThe Angus and Dundee edition of The Courier claims that the principal of Dundee University has been accused of bullying staff. Prof Andrew Atherton took up his post 10 months ago but was suspended in September over allegations he had not paid the full rent due on his university flat.
image captionAnd a university has banned sombreros from fancy dress parties because wearing one could be considered racist, according to the Daily Star. The paper says security guards will be enforcing the ban at nights out at the University of Sheffield.

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