Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Migration hearings to start

Lady Smith Image copyright Nick Mailer
Image caption Lady Smith is leading the inquiry

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry will later hear evidence of those sent overseas as part of child migration programmes as its latest phase begins.

Led by judge Lady Smith, the inquiry is investigating the abuse of children in care stretching back decades.

The latest phase will examine the alleged abuse of children who left Scotland for countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Scottish and UK governments are among those due to give submissions.

Later this week, evidence is expected to be given via video-link by former child migrants now living overseas.

The inquiry, which is investigating abuse at institutions including orphanages and private boarding schools, has cost nearly £27m to date.

Last year, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which is investigating abuse in England and Wales, also examined the issue of child migration schemes.

The UK government apologised in 2010 for its role in sending children to former colonies where many suffered abuse.

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