Scotland's papers: Maths and science 'warning' in Scottish schools

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Image caption Like most of the newspapers, The i highlights Scotland's performance in an international education report published yesterday. It found that reading levels among 15-year-olds in Scotland had improved but performance in maths and science had declined.
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Image caption The Scotsman also leads with the result of the Pisa education survey, reporting that the Scottish pupils' performance in science and maths has hit a "record low". Although reading levels have improved, they are still "significantly lower" than they were in 2000, it adds.
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Image caption The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon come under fire on the front page of the Scottish Daily Express, following the Pisa report. The paper says that the global survey shows young Scots lag behind pupils in South Korea and some former Soviet bloc countries such as Slovenia and Estonia.
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Image caption The Scottish Daily Mail says Scotland's performance in the Pisa survey is a "damning indictment of more than a decade of SNP failure". Education Secretary John Swinney said the results were "encouraging" and showed that education reforms were working.
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Image caption The Daily Telegraph quotes an education expert who warned that Scotland's education system is "stagnating in mediocrity", following the Pisa survey publication. The paper also reports the survey found that pupils in England outperformed their peers in Scotland.
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Image caption Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are accused of a "litany of failures" on the front page of The Herald, which highlights the schools report and an NHS "staffing crisis". It says Ms Sturgeon "hit back", insisting education, health and other public services were her priority in an STV leaders' debate.
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Image caption The first minister also features on the front page of The National, which reports on her latest comments on the general election campaign trail.
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Image caption A mother who is accused of neglecting and causing the death of her 13-year-old daughter makes the front page of The Scottish Sun. Sharon Goldie, 44, denied charges, including culpable homicide, during an appearance at the High Court in Glasgow on Tuesday.
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Image caption The Daily Record leads with claims that the head of child protection services at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children is under investigation after a mother was falsely accused of trying to murder her sick daughter.
Image copyright The Times
Image caption The Times Scotland reports that Boris Johnson is risking a rift with Donald Trump by suggesting he will push ahead with a tax on internet giants such as Google and Facebook.
Image copyright Press and Journal
Image caption A man has been jailed for 12 years after attemptng to murder an Aberdeen grandfather by driving his car into him, according to the front page of The Press and Journal.
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Image caption The Courier reports that the discovery of a woman with "mysterious injuries" on a Perthshire bridge has sparked a police investigation. It says the woman was taken to hospital after being found in the early hours of Tuesday and police remained at the scene for 13 hours.
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Image caption Britain's largest gold nugget has been found in a Scottish river, according to the Daily Star of Scotland.
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Image caption The Glasgow Evening Times, first published in 1876, has dropped the "evening" from its title - renaming itself the Glasgow Times. On its first front page, the paper launches a Christmas campaign, asking its readers to fill a paper bag and take it to their local food bank.

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