Scotland's papers: Brexit begins and the Duke flies to hospital

image captionA call for a less punitive approach to crime leads The Herald. A former senior police officer tells the paper Scotland should leave behind its desire to punish.
image captionThe Scotsman reports Prime Minister Johnson saying "let's move on" as MPs back his EU withdrawal agreement.
image captionA new "health scare" for the Duke of Edinburgh dominates the front page of the Sun. It says the Queen will be on her own as he is treated in hospital.
image captionThe Daily Record is taking an interest in what food is being served to prisoners at Christmas. It describes the menu as "trendy vegan dishes" of soya, couscous and butternut squash.
image captionAn independent Scotland would have an extra £3.3bn to spend on public services, according to the National.
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image captionThe Angus and Dundee edition of The Courier features the tale of a dishonest antiques dealer who stole from one of his rivals in the trade.
image captionThe Daily Express appears to be pleased as it reports on the "historic moment" of the prime minister's victory over Brexit.
image captionThe Daily Mail gives more space to the Duke of Edinburgh and the fact he was flown to hospital from Sandringham just as the Queen arrived.
image captionThe decision to charge the wife of a US diplomat following the death of a young biker leads the i.
image captionScottish editions of The Times report that the SNP has a new strategy targeting middle-class voters who might make the switch to supporting independence.
image captionThe Star is helping to find a home for a unique-looking dog called Wonky.

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