Scotland's papers: 'Betting sham' and the 'tinker experiment'

Image caption The Sunday Mail leads with an investigation which the paper says shows how the betting industry-organised system of self-exclusion for people who recognise they have issues with gambling does not work.
Image caption The Herald on Sunday reports how the UK government conducted a "tinker experiment" on Scotland's travelling community throughout the 20th century by forcing them to move into a network of huts across the country.
Image caption The Mail on Sunday claims that former Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson has been referred to police by a House of Commons watchdog over alleged "irregularity" in payments he claimed for an 89-year-old friend working in his constituency office.
Image caption The Sunday Express focuses on the prospects of a US-UK trade deal. "Now for the roaring twenties" says the paper, as it reports the US ambassador's promises of a post-Brexit boom.
Image caption The Sunday Post front page features an investigation which shows the scale of child abuse allegations facing Scottish football is far higher than previously reported and is now at every level of the game.
Image caption The Sunday National's front page uses a quote from Canadian poet Dennis Lee, but adapted and made famous by writer Alasdair Gray, to launch a new campaign for people opposed to the newly elected Tory government.

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