Scotland's papers: Immigration backlash and Bercow on indyref2

image copyrightThe Scotsman
image captionThe UK government's new post-Brexit immigration policy has come under attack from Scottish business leaders and senior figures in key public services, The Scotsman reports. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed the "offensive" plans would be "devastating" to Scotland's economy.
image copyrightThe Herald
image captionThe Herald says experts have warned that Scotland will be hit by a "perfect storm" of problems that will cripple tourism and discriminate against women under the government's new points-based immigration system. The paper also reports that drivers using the Queensferry Crossing face "several winters" of disruption due to falling ice as engineers look for a solution.
image copyrightThe i
image captionThe i newspaper leads with the government's immigration plans for a second day. It focuses on a "backlash" from business leaders warning that social care, agriculture and the restaurant industry will be "badly affected" by the ban on low-skilled migration. The paper says Home Secretary Priti Patel admitted that her own family would have been denied entry under the new rules.
image copyrightThe Times
image captionThe Times lead story also features Ms Patel, claiming that she has "attempted to oust" the Home Office's most senior civil servant. The paper says the home secretary has been accused of creating an "atmosphere of fear" within the department. A Home Office spokesman told the paper there had been no formal complaints against Ms Patel.
image copyrightThe National
image captionFormer Commons Speaker John Bercow said Scots do not need the consent of the UK government for a second Scottish independence referendum, reports The National.
image copyrightDaily Telegraph
image captionThe Daily Telegraph also leads with Mr Bercow's claims that the SNP could call a "wildcat" referendum if Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not grant an official poll to determine whether Scotland should remain part of the UK.
image copyrightScottish Sun
image captionThe Scottish Sun features double Brit Award winner Lewis Capaldi on its front page. The singer was criticised on social media for collecting one of his awards while clutching a bottle of Buckfast but he hit back by tweeting that he was simply enjoying "my first night off in months".
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record leads with the content of an unpublished Instagram message written by the late Love Island presenter Caroline Flack. The star, who took her own life on Saturday, wrote: "I am not a domestic abuser."
image copyrightScottish Daily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail says Scots families face a "thumping rise" in council tax after finance chiefs confirmed plans to increase bills by nearly 5% within weeks. The paper also reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will officially stop working as Royals on 31 March.
image copyrightScottish Daily Express
image captionThe headline in the Scottish Daily Express is "Boost In Fight To Beat Killer Cancer". The paper reports that researchers at Strathclyde University have found a way to stop prostrate cancer cells growing.
image copyrightEdinburgh Evening News
image captionThe Edinburgh Evening News reports that a controversial documentary that questions the safety of vaccinations, featuring "discredited physician" Dr Andrew Wakefield, is set for a "secret" screening this weekend.
image copyrightGlasgow Times
image captionThe sister of a man who lost his life in the Clyde is calling for the remainder of promised lifeline telephones to be installed along the banks of the river. Jeanmarie Ferrier spoke to the paper six years after losing her brother, Thomas Kay, who was 38 when he died.
image copyrightPress and Journal
image captionThe Press and Journal reports that the installation of average speed cameras on the A90 has failed to reduce the number of serious crashes recorded on the route. The paper says the number of collisions classed as "serious" has increased from 20 to 21, while the number of injuries graded as "serious" went up from 27 to 28.
image copyrightDaily Star
image captionLiverpudlian comedian Jimmy Tarbuck is on the front page of the Daily Star, after revealing he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The paper reports how the comic said he was inspired to get tested by his celebrity friends Sir Rod Stewart and Sir Tom Jones.

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