Your pictures of Scotland 5 June - 12 June

A selection of your pictures of Scotland sent in between 5 June and 12 June. Send your photos to Please ensure you adhere to the BBC's rules regarding photographs which can be found here.

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BBC on the Clyde Image copyright Laura del Carpio
Image caption River city: A beautiful Clyde sunset reflection from Laura del Carpio.
Culloden Viaduct Image copyright Kirstin Gault
Image caption Kirstin Gault sent this image of Culloden Viaduct at "golden hour".
Robert the Bruce statue Image copyright Rea McGown
Image caption Great Scot! The Robert the Bruce statue looking magnificent in a Stirling sunset, courtesy of Rea McGown.
Scott Monument Image copyright David Reilly
Image caption ...and another great Scott: "This my my photo of the Scott Monument - Edinburgh's Gothic Rocket - aiming for the moon", says David Reilly.
Nairn sunset Image copyright James Foster
Image caption Glow with the flow: The sun setting over the Moray Firth from Nairn West Beach, thanks to James Foster.
Pheasant Image copyright Joe Dailly
Image caption "I live just outside Forfar and met this guy on my morning walk", says Joe Dailly. "He was quite interested in what I was doing which made capturing the image a lot easier."
Loch Fyne Image copyright Fiona Mackinnon
Image caption A Fyne sight: Fiona Mackinnon captured this sunset over Loch Fyne.
Croft Image copyright Liz Hamilton
Image caption "This is one of my favourite views near Tarves", says Liz Hamilton. "This ancient route was used to take cattle into Aberdeen and to markets further south. Behind the derelict croft you can see Bennachie."
Beauly Firth Image copyright Seamus Kobylski
Image caption From Clachnaharry, overlooking the Beauly Firth, Seamus Kobylski got this beautiful shot.
Crow and buzzard Image copyright Bill Ledingham
Image caption Bill Ledingham of Drumoak says he was out for a walk when he saw a group of crows mobbing a buzzard. "It was keeping its eye on this attacker but bravely hardly flinched".
Girl looking at park Image copyright Mark Phillips
Image caption I'll swing by another time: "My beautiful 20-month-old daughter Grace gazed longingly at her favourite playpark here in Musselburgh", says Mark Philips. "I feel it says a lot about the current situation".
Loch Voil Image copyright Barbara Orchard
Image caption "This is a picture of Loch Voil (Balquhidder) before the lockdown, one of our favourite lochs", says Barbara Orchard. "When we are able to travel more than five miles from home we will visit again".
Bird Image copyright Stephen Kennedy
Image caption Angry birds? A blue tit fledgling in South Queensferry, from Stephen Kennedy.
Girl playing in puddle Image copyright Alison Escobar
Image caption "My daughter Caty splashing in at the North Kelvinside meadow in the west end of Glasgow on our daily exercise during a rainy break in the sunny weather", from Alison Escobar.
Children on Aberdeen beach Image copyright Kathryn Trimmer
Image caption Blowing away the cobwebs: "Here is a picture of my young children enjoying a very cold, windy and rainy Aberdeen beach", says Kathryn Trimmer. "As such we had the beach to ourselves without the confines of having to social distance the children, bliss!"
Newhaven Harbour Image copyright Karen Ormiston
Image caption A safe haven: Newhaven Harbour looking splendid in this entry from Karen Ormiston who dashed down to catch the sunset at the end of a family quiz.
Bee Image copyright Ian McDiarmid
Image caption Bee aware: "A photograph of a honeybee at a lavender plant in my garden in Stirling", from Ian McDiarmid.
Ballageich Hill Image copyright Peter Mulvey
Image caption "I took this picture last night whilst on a family walk up Ballageich Hill", Peter Mulvey says. "The sunset was stunning and the view around Glasgow shrouded in rain was lovely".
Bunnies Image copyright Lorraine Pratt
Image caption A bunny thing happened today: "Walking round River Ury and one head popped up", says Lorraine Pratt. "Then another!"
Stag statue Image copyright Phil Dawson
Image caption Stag night: "Lovely evening in Dumbarton", says Phil Dawson. "This stag stood and posed for ages at the Lomondgate roundabout in the town."
Badger Image copyright Simon Bliault
Image caption Black and white photography: "I managed to get this picture of a badger whilst out and about on a walk near Elgin", says Simon Bliault. "It seems the wildlife has certainly become more relaxed and daring during the lockdown."
Sunrise Image copyright Elaine Cormack
Image caption "I got up extra early to capture the sun rising at 4.15am between Dunnet Head (Caithness) and the island of Hoy (Orkney) from my viewpoint in Scrabster", says Elaine Cormack.
Squirrel Image copyright Claire Wilson
Image caption A grey area: "This cheeky critter is one of many daily visitors to our garden", says Claire Wilson in Penicuik ."They sometimes let the birds into the feeders!"
Horses at sunset Image copyright Gerry Connor
Image caption "Stepped out at dusk for a breath of fresh air to be met with this fantastic sky - had to get a picture", says Gerry Connor in Old Kilpatrick. "Not that the horses were too bothered - seen it all before I expect!"
Llama Image copyright Oscar Tollast
Image caption Oscar Tollast says he's found some new companions on his walks after unexpectedly finding himself in Edinburgh since March. "I’ve discovered a side of the city I didn’t know existed. I’m grateful for the green belt".
People under umbrella Image copyright Maureen Powell
Image caption "When you can’t meet inside and the weather is poor, a blanket and umbrella helps", says Maureen Powell in Seamill. "This is my son Daniel and his wife, Louise".

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