Scotland's papers: Election promises and SNP 'meltdown'

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The SNP has pledged to give every pupil a laptop or a tablet if it wins the election, reports the Sunday Mail. The paper says the policy will cost the taxpayer £350m.
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The Mail on Sunday leads with the ongoing fallout from the launch of the Alba Party. The paper reports that the SNP is "braced for many more defections" after former Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill became the first high-profile Nationalist to leave for Alex Salmond's party.
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The Herald on Sunday reports that a computer glitch has revealed the identities of thousands of people who signed up to the Alba Party's website. The paper says some individuals are members of the SNP's ruling body.
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Scotland on Sunday leads with an exclusive interview with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in which she says her predecessor Alex Salmond is no longer fit to stand for public office.
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The Sunday National leads with claims that Scotland's right to a second independence referendum is a "political reality".
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The Scottish Sunday Express leads with Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross' call for Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats to join forces with his party to protect the union.
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As well as the potential impact of the Alba Party on the SNP and independence, the Sunday Times leads with a report into banker Lex Greensill's relationship with David Cameron. The paper says that, during Mr Cameron's time as prime minister, Mr Greensill was given a security pass and a team of civil servants "so he could promote a financial product he specialised in across Whitehall".
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The Sunday Post front page focuses on the unsolved murder of Emma Caldwell and features a picture of a masked man it describes as the "forgotten suspect".
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The Scottish Sun leads with reports that police questioned the Queen's grandson after a complaint that he had driven to Scotland from his home in Gloucestershire.
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And elite schools are facing a Whitehall investigation over their handling of claims of "rape culture", the Sunday Telegraph reports. It comes as thousands of current and former pupils come forward with allegations of abuse they received while at school, a senior officer has told the paper.

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