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Boy saved after dinghy blown out to sea off Leven beach

A boy has been rescued from the water after his dinghy was blown out to sea off the coast of Leven in Fife.

Forth Coastguard were called out at about 1430 BST after two children began drifting off shore on inflatables at Leven beach.

One dinghy made it back but the coastguards said the second took flight and was driven out to sea by the wind.

The boy, aged 11, was picked up by lifeboat after falling into the sea and taken to hospital suffering from cold.

The boys were on two dinghies and dressed in shorts and T-shirts when they began drifting about 100m from the beach.

The Kinghorn RNLI inshore lifeboat and Leven Coastguard Rescue Team were scrambled.

The boy on one dinghy managed to make it back to shore, but the other was swept out a distance of about 3/4 of a mile.

When the lifeboat reached him he had fallen in and was treading water. A coastguard spokesman said he had been in the sea for up to 20 minutes and was exhausted, with his chin dipping below the water.

Steve Higgins, watch manager at Forth Coastguard, said that although a rope had been attached to the small dinghy, once it was allowed to drift the wind took control.

He added: "We're advising all parents and carers to be very, very careful when allowing their youngsters to play in lilos or dinghies when the weather forecast suggest winds blowing out to sea."

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