Psychic Joe Power cut dead by Edinburgh Fringe spirit

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Joe Power - "The Man Who Sees Dead People" - is to play a three week run at The Assembly

A major Edinburgh Fringe venue has defended its decision to put a "psychic medium" on the bill.

Joe Power - "The Man Who Sees Dead People" - is to play a three week run at The Assembly.

However, Power was booed and heckled during the Assembly's 30th anniversary gala.

Assembly director William Burdett-Coutts admitted he made a mistake listing Power for the gala but said he was right to put him in the programme.

Burdett-Coutts told the BBC Scotland news website: "We made a mistake putting him on in that context, it was incredibly difficult for him.

"While it was uncomfortable to watch, on a positive note, he has certainly gained a lot of attention from it.

"Even stand-up comedians find it incredibly hard to work within a five minute slot so for Joe Power, who needs time to take the audience with him, it was very difficult."

"I regret putting him in that line-up but I don't regret putting him on the Assembly programme."

Power, 44, from Liverpool, said he has had a lot of trouble from sceptics since he was on Channel 4's Derren Brown Investigates.

He said: "Since that programme I have had threats and had to move home.

"So I was expecting the sceptics at the Assembly launch night but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was because anything people do should be respected.

"I only had five minutes to go on stage, say who I am and do a quick connection with someone in the audience.

"If you are a comedian you are alright because you know what you are going to say but mine's a live act.

"I went home that night and told my wife it had gone badly.

"It is good to have criticism but that kind of bad behaviour should not happen in a venue.

"My mistake was that I didn't have the lights on so I couldn't see the recipient in the audience. I need response and dialogue to keep the energy."

Comedian Adam Hills, who was compering the gala event said after Power was on stage: "I've cleared up after lots of comedians who have died on stage but never someone who was talking to the dead."