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Warning over dangerous roof snow in Edinburgh

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Media captionPedestrians avoided injury as snow fell from an Edinburgh roof

Homeowners are being warned they are legally responsible for snow and icicles which are now hanging from the edge of roofs in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh City Council said property owners should hire a contractor or do the work themselves in a bid to avoid potentially serious accidents.

It said it had responded to several "extreme emergency cases" where gutters had fallen due to the weight of snow.

Image caption Heavy snow drifts are balancing on the edges of Edinburgh roofs

Large icicles have been seen hanging off buildings across the city.

Icicles and heavy snow drifts are hanging from buildings in Tollcross and West Port as well as from bridges in the Cowgate.

St Leonard's police station has taped off an area around its building in a bid to stop pedestrians being hit by falling snow from its roof.

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman said: "Overhanging snow and ice, particularly on cast iron roans, poses a real safety risk both for buildings themselves and for pedestrians walking underneath.

"Our property conservation experts have already responded to a number of extreme emergency cases in the past 24 hours where gutters have come down due to the weight of snow they're carrying.

"Property owners have a legal responsibility to make their properties safe.

"The council is continuing to provide emergency help where we can, but given that resources are stretched, we are also strongly urging people to adopt a practical, common sense approach to this issue.

"If possible, property owners should appoint a contractor or work with their neighbours to help remove the snow/ice, making sure the pavement is clear of pedestrians before they start the removal and ensuring that they look out for their own safety at all times.

"People should also seek advice from their insurer on how to tackle the problem."

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