Fire service warns of falling icicles

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Firefighters have been closing off areas while they clear roofs

People in Edinburgh are being warned of the risk of falling icicles and sliding snow from rooftops as temperatures get milder.

Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service said the public should "avoid the perimeter of buildings" to reduce the risk of injury.

Firefighters have been clearing roofs at medical centres and schools.

They said they were only clearing tenements where overhanging icicles were posing a threat to the public.

A fire service spokeswoman said: "We've received a high number of calls about how to deal with icicles as well as requests for assistance.

"We are not able to attend at residential properties although we have taken action at some tenement buildings where icicles were hanging over public footpaths.

"If residents are confident it is safe to do so, they should try to remove overhanging icicles that pose a threat.

"Ladders should not be used in icy conditions nor should people hang out of windows to reach roof areas.

"The fire service has been using its height appliances to reach overhanging icicles.

"In some cases, this has meant closing off roads for a short space of time to give access to fire appliances and ensure that no-one is injured from falling debris."

Meanwhile Edinburgh Airport is gearing up for the snow forecast for next week by replenishing its stocks.

It is obtaining more de-icer for its planes and diesel for its snowploughs, from Grangemouth.

A spokesman said they had used a "phenomenal amount of de-icer stock" over the past two weeks.

A spokesman for the Forth Road Bridge said they were reviewing "how things went" during the heavy snow and working out what lessons could be learned.

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