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Ewan McGregor's joy at working with uncle Denis Lawson

Ewan McGregor
Image caption Ewan McGregor said he had always wanted to do something special with his uncle

Scots actor Ewan McGregor has spoken at the Edinburgh Film Festival about the joy of starring alongside his uncle in his latest film.

The 40-year-old performed with Denis Lawson on sci-fi drama, Perfect Sense.

McGregor said of Local Hero star Lawson: "I was always waiting for something really special to do with him and this came to fruition."

Eva Green, Ewen Bremner and Alistair Mackenzie also feature in the film directed by David Mackenzie.

The movie, which had its European premiere at the festival, sees McGregor playing a chef who falls in love with a scientist played by Green as a global disease breaks out in which people begin to lose their five senses one by one.

McGregor said: "It's the first time I've acted with my uncle ever.

"I've been directed by him in a play in London and then we did a short film in Edinburgh called Solid Geometry and if he hadn't been an actor I'm sure I wouldn't have thought to be one.

"He has inspired me all my life and yet I've never acted with him and I was always waiting for something really special to do with him and this came to fruition and I was really really happy to do it.

"It was quite unusual and lovely to be playing scenes with him, after 39 years of waiting it felt very natural and easy, it was good."

The Scot told how he was drawn to the script and also wanted to work again with Mackenzie, who directed him in Young Adam.

He said: "I loved the story, I just thought the script was fantastic, a really strong story.

"It's an unusual story, a love story set against a very odd backdrop.

"I always felt reading it and certainly playing it that it was a hopeful film in an unusual way."

Green was not at the premiere of the movie, which was mainly shot in Glasgow.

Lawson, who played Wedge in the original Star Wars films, said: "Scotland is extraordinary as a location, the light is amazing, for instance on the west coast.

"Edinburgh is a phenomenal location for movies and should be used more.

"We shot this in Glasgow most of it, but Edinburgh is an incredible location, everywhere you look there's a great angle."

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