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Ex-soldier James Duff kept ammunition at his home

An ex-soldier who was thrown out of the army for using drugs has admitted having a stash of ammunition and a hand grenade at his home.

James Duff, from Gloucestershire, kept ammunition from his time with the 3 Rifles at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh, from September 2007 until January 2009.

Duff, 23, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, prohibited ammunition and military equipment.

He was granted unconditional bail. He is to return to court on 24 April.

'Huge breach'

At Gloucester Magistrates Court, prosecuting solicitor Sharon Jomaa said Duff, of Cinderford, was dismissed from the army after failing a drugs test.

"He retained 240 rounds of blank 5.56mm ammunition, one live round of 5.56mm ammunition and an inert practice fragmentation hand grenade.

"All soldiers are required to hand back all military items upon discharge.

"This represents a huge breach of trust."

Defending solicitor Lisa Ellis said: "My client should have made arrangements to send these items back to his regiment but he decided to keep them as souvenirs from his time in the army.

"There were no weapons found with the ammunition and the hand grenade was an inert practice grenade.

"He has shown remorse but only kept the items at his home so was no danger to the public.

"It was not as if he was taking the items out and about in the street with him."