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Man jailed for beating up his mother in her Fife home

A Fife man has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for beating up his mother because he was struggling to get help looking after his child.

Jody Venters launched a vicious attack on his mother after he turned up at her Cupar home uninvited on New Year's Day.

The 32-year-old ended up banging Alison Venters's head off furniture.

Venters went on trial accused of attempting to murder his mother at the High Court in Aberdeen on Tuesday. He denied the offence.

However, he admitted a reduce charge of assault to severe injury and the danger of her life on the second day of the trial.

Seized her neck

The court heard that Ms Venters had lost touch with her son four years ago because of his behaviour.

He turned up at her back door after she returned home from work on New Year's Day 2013 and the pair began arguing in the kitchen.

Ms Venters reached for a mobile phone, which the former mechanic grabbed from her and smashed off a sink.

Advocate depute Margaret Barron told the court: "The accused then seized her by the neck.

"He pulled her hair, causing clumps to come out and punched her to the head twice."

The court heard Venters banged his mother's head off several kitchen items, including a door frame and a microwave oven.

Ms Venters was bleeding badly because of medication prescribed after she suffered a stroke a few years ago.

She managed to get help from her neighbour who took her to hospital.

Later medical experts found extensive bruising to her face and body, swollen lips, bruising on her neck and lacerations on her hands.

She required surgery for nerve and tendon damage on her hands.

Assaulted partner

Venters was convicted of assaulting his mother by repeatedly shouting and swearing at her, entering her house uninvited, breaking a mobile phone, and threatening violence.

He seized her by the neck, threw her around the kitchen, struck her head against various objects and repeatedly struggle with her during which she sustained injuries to her hands, all to the danger of her life.

He also had a non-harrassment order put in place to stop him from making any contact with his mother.

Venters, a prisoner of Perth, was also convicted of the assault of a former partner just days before the assault on his mother.

He assaulted the woman at a property in Glenrothes, on 30 December 2012.

He threatened her with violence, seized her, and struck her on the head and body with a set of crutches.

On the same date, he also uttered threats to a 14-year-old boy.

Lord Judge Stewart sentenced Venters six months for the assault on his former partner and uttering threats.

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