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Man found guilty of raping sleeping woman in Edinburgh

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A man has been found guilty of raping a sleeping 20-year-old woman following a night out in Edinburgh.

Aymeric Sarrazin, 31, continued to rape the drunk woman after she woke up in her Meadowbank flat and told him "no".

The victim was left with a bite mark and bleeding after the assault at her then home.

Sarrazin had denied raping the woman on 25 July 2015 while she was intoxicated and asleep and continuing the assault after she told him no.

However, a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh convicted him of the offence on a majority verdict.

The woman told the court she remembered opening her eyes and found Sarrazin, from Bourg-La-Reine in France, on top of her having sex with her.

She said she was in shock and lay terrified and that her attacker moved her limbs "like a puppet".

'Using force'

Advocate depute Iain McSporran told jurors: "The Crown case is that she was incapable of consenting to sex with the accused because of the effects of alcohol and in particular she was asleep or unconscious through the effects of alcohol."

The prosecutor said he continued to rape her even after she awoke despite her protests, using force and strength to overcome her protests.

She had met up with a female workmate and was drinking at a flat in the city before they went out in the company of Sarrazin and others to bars in the Cowgate area.

The colleague told the court that she was concerned for the woman and said: "She needed to stop drinking. I would say she was probably slightly more drunk than I was."

The two women and Sarrazin and a friend got a taxi and the workmate said she was going to the victim's flat to make sure she got home. They all went up to the flat.

"My thought was just to get her in. Get her settled. Get her into bed. Make sure everything was off and leave her," she said.

She said the woman had said not to go on her account and to stay. She said music was put on and she was in the living room with the other man. She thought Sarrazin had "crashed out" on the woman's bed.

Sarrazin claimed to police that he had asked the woman if he could sleep with her and she said yes but then changed her mind.

He told police that at no point did she tell him to stop and added: "For me, she was conscious."

But Mr McSporran told the court that Sarrazin had taken advantage of a younger woman after they had just met.

First offender Sarrazin, who had been on bail during his trial, was remanded in custody after he was found guilty of the offence.

The judge, Lord Kinclaven, deferred sentence on the rapist for the preparation of a background report. Sarrazin will be sentenced next month at the High Court in Glasgow.

He was placed on the sex offenders' register.

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