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Football fan 'brought back to life' highlights defibrillator campaign

Paul Burns Image copyright Cait McLaughlin, St John Scotland

A football fan is backing a campaign for more defibrillators after being "brought back to life" on an Edinburgh pitch.

Paul Burns, 55, from Clermiston, was at a training event at Hibs' ground in Easter Road when he was hit by a ball, which triggered a heart attack.

Hibs physiotherapist, Kitty Forrest, shocked Mr Burns with a defibrillator to bring him back to life.

He has now beaten his target of raising £5,000 to buy more defibrillators.

Team effort

Mr Burns said: "On the 3 April 2016, I decided not to go a run up the Pentland Hills, instead I would go to play football at the Hibernian training ground - a decision that saved my life.

"Many thought that I was having an epileptic fit, but they weren't to know that I was having a massive heart attack which resulted in a cardiac arrest.

"Thank goodness Kitty and the defibrillator machine were at hand otherwise I would most certainly have died.

"My life was saved by the use of a defibrillator."

A spokesman for Hibernian Football Club said: "We are delighted to support what Paul is doing and would urge people to back what is a very good cause.

"The club is delighted he is very much alive and well, thanks to the superb team effort of several of our staff, led by two of our physiotherapists, on that day.

"The application of the defibrillator undoubtedly saved Paul's life - and having more of these machines in public places will undoubtedly help save others in future."

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