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Cars get stuck in wet concrete at BP garage

Cement Image copyright Ian Georgeson

Two cars got stuck at a filling station in West Lothian after driving into a freshly-concreted parking area.

The area at the BP garage on Edinburgh Road, Bathgate, was cordoned off, but one car drove through the tape and sank immediately into the wet concrete.

Another car that followed the first one suffered the same fate.

Onlooker Steven Moncrieff said: "You should have seen the look on the driver's face. The manager came out and didn't look overly pleased."

The cars got stuck on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Moncrieff, who uses the BP garage every day, told the BBC that workers had been preparing the area for resurfacing for the last couple of days.

"It was taped and coned off but an older guy who had just filled up managed to drive through the tape and into the cement - closely followed by another car," he said.

Customers using the garage were able to pull one of the cars out, but the other remained firmly stuck in the concrete.

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