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Edinburgh Airport power delays flights

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Media captionPassengers were queuing outside the terminal after the power cut delayed flights

Flights and terminal services at Edinburgh Airport have been disrupted by a power cut.

It is understood the electricity failed just before 09:00.

The airport said power had been restored and operations were returning to normal, but warned passengers there could be further delays.

Long queues which had formed outside the building have now gone, but the main terminal building is still very busy.

The power cut affected the terminal and the main hall was plunged into darkness with only emergency lighting available for almost an hour.

It was not possible to provide the usual ground services such as check-in or security during the outage.

Airport authorities were dealing with a backlog of passengers who were unable to check-in for about 90 minutes.

The airport said that back-up power systems also failed inside the terminal, but not on the airfields, which is why runway lights remained on.

It is not known what caused the power failure.

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Some passengers who landed during the power cut were unable to leave planes because immigration facilities were down, and had to be let off gradually.

An airport spokesman said: "We can confirm that power is now returning to the terminal and that flights have resumed.

"We're working to allow passengers to continue their journeys in a safe and ordered manner and we thank passengers for their patience whilst we do this.

"As always, the safety of passengers and staff is our priority. We expect there to be further delays whilst we clear the backlog."

Hundreds of passengers inside the terminal were advised to be patient while engineers worked to restore power.

Those planning to fly later are being advised to come to the terminal building as usual.

Miranda Hurst, from Edinburgh, who is due to fly to London, told the BBC Scotland news website, said: "I was on the airport bus when we were told the bus couldn't go any further as there had been a power cut so the barrier could not be lifted.

"So we had to walk. When I arrived at the terminal the lights were off and nobody knew what was happening.

"I'm in a queue at the arrivals exit as we cant go upstairs as there is no security as they can't scan anything.

"The Tannoy has been affected too so they can't communicate anything to us. They have started handing out water to us."

Image caption There are big queues at Edinburgh Airport due to the power cut

Sandy Sneddon, from the Church of Scotland, said he had come to the airport to pick up a group from Korea.

"The power's back on but I'm still waiting for 23 delegates from the National Council of Churches in Korea.

"They were due arrive at 09:25, but there's still nothing on the screens and no updates as to where they are.

He added: "Everyone is calm, only just a bit annoyed."

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