Dunbar robbery pair pretended to be police

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Two men claimed to be police as they barged into a woman's house and robbed her of money and designer jewellery, a court has heard.

William Gardner, 51, and Kenneth Blyth, 32, smashed their way into Lisa Watters' Dunbar home armed with knives shouting: "It's the police".

The pair admitted smashing the front door, assaulting Ms Watters and robbing her on 20 April 2017.

They will be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh next month.

The men, who are both from Edinburgh, were arrested after being spotted nearby by police shortly after the robbery.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Ms Watters was in her East Lothian home at about 16:00 on 20 April when she heard a loud bang and glass smashing.

Advocate depute Duncan McPhie said: "She heard a male voice shouting 'It's the police.'

"Meanwhile, a neighbour saw the accused enter the house and contacted the police."

Filled bags

Miss Watters went to the hallway and saw the men.

Gardner told her to empty her pockets and she handed him £200 in cash.

Mr McPhie said: "Gardner began going through the pockets of a jacket that was hanging on the bedpost. He took a bag of Pandora charms from this jacket.

"He searched through drawers and took two watches and continually shouted at her and demanded to now where her valuables were."

The pair continued searching through the house, filling bags with items.

Blyth took a new shirt and and all of Miss Watters' prescribed medication, as well as other drugs in the house.

Mr McPhie added: "Both accused had knives and both left the house carrying bags."

When later cautioned and charged, Gardner told officers: "It wasn't the intention when going there but that's what happened."