Firefighters attacked after tackling blaze


Police have launched an investigation after two firefighters were attacked while attending an emergency call in Midlothian.

They were assaulted after tackling a fire on land near Dalkeith, but they were not injured and were able to finish their shift.

They were part of a crew from Dalkeith that was mobilised to deal with the blaze at Lawfield Farm on Friday night.

Station manager Andy McDermott said the attack was "completely unacceptable".

He said: "I am pleased to report that the two firefighters didn't require medical attention and remained on duty.

"Our firefighters' main purpose is to save lives. It's completely unacceptable that our firefighters have been physically assaulted when they have been trying to assist their communities.

"This type of behaviour not only prevents our crews from bringing an emergency to a safe and successful conclusion, but it can impact on our emergency service colleagues, including the police when they have to escort us. It can't be condoned."

'Extremely disappointing'

Police said they wanted to trace a group of youths who were seen in the area at the time and urged anyone with information to get in touch.

Insp Neil Mitchell said: "It is extremely disappointing that colleagues from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have been assaulted whilst attending an emergency call.

"It is totally unacceptable to attack emergency service workers who are there to protect and support our communities when in need."

He added: "Our investigations into this incident are ongoing and such attacks on emergency services will not be tolerated."

It said firefighters had been targeted at events last year, on what is their busiest day of the year.

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