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Campaigners hold sit-in protest at Scottish Parliament

Climate change campaigners
Image caption Campaigners gather outside the Scottish Parliament after the sit-in protest.

About 40 people have held a sit-in protest about global warming at the Scottish Parliament.

The protesters were taking part in a public tour of the parliament's main chamber but then refused to leave.

Dozens of police officers attended the hour-long peaceful protest and campaigners left when asked to do so by police.

No arrests were made and parliament was not sitting at the time of the protest.

A Scottish Parliament spokesman said: "Around 40 individuals on a free public tour refused to leave the chamber for approximately 60 minutes before leaving peacefully at 1.30pm.

"The public tour route takes in the debating chamber when parliament is not sitting.

"There was no impact on parliamentary business."

It was believed to be the first protest of its kind at the parliament building.

Robert Alcock, of the Extinction Rebellion group, claimed the protesters were not breaking the law.

He said: "We are lawfully gathered in our Parliament, to draw attention to the climate emergency and to call for a Citizens' Assembly in the name of the land and people of Scotland."

New climate change legislation is to be discussed by MSPs later this year.