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Vet removes 10 golf balls from Labrador's stomach

Poppy the dog Image copyright Wilson and Partners
Image caption Poppy is expected to make a full recovery

A vet in Fife was left stunned after finding 10 golf balls inside a sick dog's stomach.

Poppy the Labrador was brought to Wilson and Partners vet surgery in Cupar appearing unwell and vomiting.

The mystery was cleared up when an X-ray revealed 10 spherical shapes in her stomach.

After emergency surgery Poppy is on course for a full recovery but her owner is being advised to keep a close eye on her during future walks.

Vet Ashleigh McDowell told the BBC Scotland news website she had never seen anything quite like it.

She said: "We have seen foreign bodies before and the owners thought it may have been a golf ball. Poppy was known to pick things up on her walks.

"But we all couldn't believe it. We never expected 10 of them!"

Image copyright Wilson and Partners
Image caption An X-ray showed that something was not right in Poppy's stomach

Ashleigh said the situation could have been much more serious. If one of the balls had got into the wrong part of the intestine, it could have caused a potentially fatal blockage.

"We operated about a week ago and checked Poppy on Monday and she is almost back to normal, eating and drinking," she said.

She advises dog owners to keep a close watch on what their pets are picking up, especially on walks near golf courses.

"It's something you always have to be conscious of. If you are going to walk in new areas, keep an eye on what they are doing," she said.

Image copyright Wilson and Partners
Image caption A total of 10 golf balls were removed from Poppy's stomach by vet Ashleigh

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