Bank robber pillow case disguise had no eye holes

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A bank robber put a pillow case over his head to hide his identity - then had to take it off as he could not see.

Matthew Davies failed to create eye holes in the cover ahead of the armed raid at a bank in Dunfermline, Fife last September.

The 47-year-old, who threatened staff with a meat cleaver, left the branch with nearly £2,000 but was later arrested.

Davies, of Dunfermline, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and robbery.

A hearing at the High Court in Glasgow heard how Davies entered the Bank of Scotland branch and pulled the meat cleaver from the pillow case before putting the bedding item on to cover his face.

But the failure to create eye holes meant he had to take it off.

After threatening staff, Davies was initially given about £300 but the 47-year-old demanded more cash and also warned he would hurt a female customer if it was not handed over.

Davies then repeatedly battered a glass partition at the bank's counter with the meat cleaver and left the branch with £1,980.

Followed home

The court heard how a witness then followed Davies from the branch to his Dunfermline home.

Police later found the cash and a pillow case "consistent with what he put over his head" at his house.

They also discovered a stun gun.

Lord Turnbull remanded Davies in custody ahead of sentencing on 21 February.