Accused's DNA found near murdered Glasgow radio host

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Mrs Jamil's worked as an agony aunt for Asian radio station Awaz FM

A black glove found near the body of murdered radio agony aunt Nasim Jamil contained DNA matching the accused Khalid Sarwar, a court has heard.

Forensic scientist, Carol Weston, 36, told the High Court in Glasgow that in her opinion the glove was dropped after Mrs Jamil was attacked.

She was giving evidence in the trial of 29-year-old Mr Sarwar.

He denies murdering Awaz FM presenter Mrs Jamil, 54, by repeatedly striking her on the head and body in December.

The court was told that photographs were taken of Mrs Jamil's body lying in the kitchen of her home in Byres Road, Glasgow.

Blood splatter

The glove and the linoleum were then taken to the forensic laboratory for analysis.

Mrs Weston told the jury that blood spatter stains from Mrs Jamil were found on the linoleum underneath the glove. The glove had no blood spatter stains.

Prosecutor Dorothy Bain QC asked Mrs Weston: "You wanted to see if the glove had been on the floor when Mrs Jamil was attacked and she replied: "Yes. If the glove had been lying on the floor when she was assaulted we would expect to find blood spatter."

Ms Bain added: "You found there was impact spatter on the linoleum?" Mrs Weston replied: "Yes."

Ms Bain then asked: "You concluded the glove had not been on the linoleum when the assault took place and it must have been dropped there after the attack?" Mrs Weston said: "Yes."

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Mrs Jamil's body was found at her flat in Byres Road

Mrs Weston said that in her opinion the DNA on the glove was consistent with regular wearing by Mr Sarwar or someone with matching DNA.

The jury was told the the chances of someone unrelated to Mr Sarwar having matching DNA was one in a billion.

Mrs Weston also told the court that a dark hair found on the glove was examined and had a DNA profile matching that of Mrs Jamil.

The court was told she also examined a lilac duvet found in the living room which had a blood stain which contained mixed DNA.

The main DNA sample was a match for Mrs Jamil. There was also a partial DNA profile which matched Mr Sarwar.

The chances of the profile being someone other than him was one in 96,000.

Mrs Weston said: "Because it is such trace amounts it could be skin, saliva or blood."

A bloodstained crumpled Awaz FM expenses form with an email and telephone number written on it was found by people in the close outside Mrs Jamil's flat.

Other charges

Mrs Weston said that the bloodstains on the piece of paper matched Mrs Jamil's DNA and added: "This paper was close to Nasim Jamil when she was assaulted."

Defence QC Donald Findlay said that finding DNA on an object did not show how it had got there or when, and Mrs Weston agreed with that.

Mr Sarwar is accused of murdering Mrs Jamil on 9 December 2009 by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a hammer and screwdriver or similar instruments and hitting her on the head with a bottle and a piece of glass.

He is also charged with stealing three knives, a quantity of clothing, a light bulb, two phones, keys, gloves, a watch, a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a handbag and a sum of money.

Mr Sarwar is also accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice on 11 December last year, by giving false information to police officers.

He denies all charges.

The trial before Lord Brodie continues.

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