Killer 'claimed radio host murder accused was innocent'

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Mrs Jamil worked as an agony aunt for Asian radio station Awaz FM

Convicted killer Roshan Dantis sent letters claiming the man accused of murdering a radio presenter was innocent, a court has been told.

Christopher Millar, a former cell mate of Dantis, said one letter claimed Nasim Jamil had been murdered by three men and Khalid Sarwar was innocent.

A shorter letter contained instructions on how to e-mail this information to a solicitor, and a picture of a weapon.

Mr Sarwar, 29, denies murdering Mrs Jamil in her Glasgow flat in December.

Mr Millar told prosecutor Dorothy Bain QC that the shorter letter and both envelopes had been written by Dantis, who is serving 24 years for murdering young mother Khusbu Shah then dismembering her body.

The jury heard that the longer letter had been written by someone else.

Mr Millar told the court he was released from Barlinnie Prison on 20 August, after serving 17 months of a 32-month sentence for assault to severe injury.

In jail he said he was told he would be given extra privileges if he agreed to share a cell with Dantis.

He said: "Nobody else would share a cell with him because of what he did."

Ms Bain asked him: "Everyone knew that he had murdered a young Nepalese woman in Glasgow and cleavered her head and hands off and was serving 24 years?"

He replied: "Yes."

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Roshan Dantis is serving life for murdering young mother Khusbu Shah

Mr Millar told the court he had seen Dantis talking to Mr Sarwar in the prison.

He added: "Dantis would do this when he was giving the food out. He also used to talk to Mr Sarwar at exercise."

Mr Millar told the court that when he left prison, he gave Dantis his address and had also agreed to phone his mother and father.

The court heard the letters were passed to the police after being read by Mr Millar's adoptive family.

He told Ms Bain that he knew nothing about the letters and had not even read them.

He was then asked: "Did he ever ask you to do something for his Asian friend Mr Sarwar?".

He replied: "No."

Under cross-examination by Donald Findlay QC, Mr Millar told the court he thought Dantis was "a bit of a storyteller."

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Mrs Jamil's body was found at her flat in Byres Road

He was asked: "Did he say he could use Sarwar or Sarwar's case to help himself?"

Mr Millar replied: "He said if he could help him in any way. He would get help back."

He told the court Dantis had never admitted murdering Mrs Shah, but did confess he had planned to kidnap her young son and hold him to ransom.

Mr Sarwar is accused of murdering Mrs Jamil by repeatedly striking her on the head and body with a hammer and screwdriver or similar instrument and hitting her on the head with a bottle and a piece of glass on 9 December 2009.

He is also charged with stealing three knives, a quantity of clothing, a light bulb, two phone, keys, gloves, a watch, a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a handbag and a sum of money.

Mr Sarwar is further accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice on 11 December 2009, by giving false information to police officers.

The trial before Lord Brodie continues.

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