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Groping grandmother remains on sex offenders register

image captionJane Palmer grabbed at a couple who were dancing in a pub
A great-grandmother's antics on a dance floor led to her being branded a sex offender, appeal judges have heard.
Jane Palmer, 66, was fined £200 for grabbing a couple's private parts in an Ayrshire pub.
Sheriff Daniel Kelly also ordered the first offender's name to be added to the sex offenders register.
Palmer accepted the fine but challenged the decision to place her on the register. However, her appeal was refused by Lady Paton.
She said there was "a significant sexual aspect" to what Palmer had done.
Palmer, from Kilwinning, had admitted approaching a couple dancing in the Albion Bar, Saltcoats, and grabbing them between their legs.
At the Justiciary Appeal Court in Edinburgh, solicitor advocate David Taylor said Palmer was simply a nuisance who had had too much to drink.
Mr Taylor asked: "Is there any serious suggestion that this behaviour was motivated by sexual gratification?
"One wonders, realistically, what would be served by Palmer being subject to the notification requirements.
"She has managed to get through 66 years without appearing in court until now."

'Bit of fun'

The court heard that Palmer could be aggressive and a nuisance when drunk. There had been previous rows with her neighbours.
On 28 June last year she was in the Saltcoats pub at about 1900 BST when she approached the two dancers.
She was told to go away, but she came back and groped them again.
She later claimed it had just been "a bit of fun."
The appeal court heard that Palmer had been offered a deal which would not involve going to court, but had rejected it, insisting she had done nothing wrong.
She was initially charged with indecent assault, but prosecutors changed the charge to one of breach of the peace and she pleaded guilty.